Fort Wayne Community Schools Asthma

D. Lulling, RN, BSN Asthma Educator

Asthma is the most common chronic illness identified in our schools in Allen County. Last year in Fort Wayne Community Schools, approximately 3,661(not sure how many students this effects now) students were identified with asthma.

To meet the growing educational needs of student, their families, and school staff, Parkview provides the services of an Asthma Educator to FWCS, East Allen County Schools, Northwest Allen County Schools and local physician offices.

More About Mrs. Lulling

Mrs. Lulling brings 29 years of pediatric nursing experience to the position. While living with asthma in her own life and providing guidance for her son to deal with his disease, Mrs. Lulling understands asthma. She knows how it affects daily life at school and home, interactions with peers, and the need for up-to-date medical information

As a Parkview community nurse, Asthma Educator, Mrs. Lulling meets with children at school and/or with their parents at home to:

  • help them better understand their asthma and how the body reacts to the disease process
  • meet the health needs and give guidance for life-long skills to help fulfill their educational and future goals
  • pinpoint triggers in their home/school to be aware of how they influence their asthma
  • provide education to understand the use and actions of each medication
  • distinguish the early warning signs of an asthma episode
  • identify the signs and symptoms of an acute asthma episode
  • teach them the treatment needed when asthma becomes an emergency

Mrs. Lulling states that, "Children with asthma should be able to do anything in life they want and if they can’t, their asthma is not being controlled effectively."

Parkview Medical

Mrs. Lulling’s services to FWCS nurses, students and families are donated by Parkview Hospital in association with their Community Health Improvement Initiative.

Care Plans and Resources

"Open Airways for Children" for children in grades 3-5 is an accredited educational program sponsored by the American Lung Association. Classes take place during lunch and lunch recess, one day a week for six weeks.

Children learn in a group setting of up to ten children:

  • signs and symptoms of an asthma attack
  • what to do if they have symptoms
  • relaxation techniques
  • what things "trigger" their asthma episodes
  • and what to do if they have an asthma attack.

"A is for Asthma" for children in grades K-2. One session class takes place during lunch and lunch recess or in the classroom.

  • how to identify and care for an asthma attack
  • how children without asthma can aid the affected child

The classes are taught by Jan Moore, RRT-NPS, Parkview Hospital Community Asthma Educator. A registered respiratory therapist with a neonatal-pediatric sub-specialty, Mrs. Moore has provided asthma education while working in the Children’s Specialty Clinic for the last ten years. She also provides one-on-one asthma education either at school or with the parent in her office.

Deb Lulling, RN, BSN will be assisting with the classes as well. She has worked in Pediatrics and Peds ICU in the past as well as being an asthma educator for Parkview for the last 5 years.

The above programs are free of charge and sponsored by Parkview Hospital Community Health Improvement Program. You may call 260.373.7996 for additional information.