FWCS Career Academy - Special Events

Holiday Fruit Sale

Fruit Basket

The annual FWCS Career Academy Fruit Sale fundraiser benefits all career programs and student organizations. The money raised from the sale provides ACC students the opportunity to participate in state and national competitions, to take field trips to career sites, and to purchase equipment and supplies. These funds also afford FWCS Career Academy the opportunity to invite leading career professionals to interact with our students.

We greatly appreciate your support and participation in this year’s Fruit Sale.

At FWCS Career Academy, our career programs are hands-on and so is the fruit sale. Not only do the students take and deliver orders, they are actively involved in the entire process. The IT Academy Graphic Design class produces the advertising flyer, the Television Production class creates an in house video to promote the program, and the Computer Programming class designs the database software to support the order process. This event brings students together from many different career programs as they organize storage and care, sort fruit, assemble packages, and load the products for delivery. This is truly a program wide effort and a great team building experience for the students.

For more information call: 260-467-1010 or 467-1040

Celebration/Picnic Day

Every year FWCS Career Academy holds an annual picnic that takes place in May in the parking lot. The picnic is free to all Career Education students. Most students would agree it’s one of the most enjoyable times of the year.

A live DJ is provided and some students take the opportunity to show off their dancing skills and other activities include the 3-on-3 basketball tournament, the car show, and a cookout! There are also tons of fun carnival games such as ring toss, accuracy throw, and knocking over milk cans. The annual picnic at Anthis is a fun & relaxing event for students & staff.

Firefighters at the annual picnic students at the annual picnic Activities at the annual picnic Blood Drive

Blood Drive

Staff and students from the FWCS Career Academy recently saved 369 lives! After a field trip to the American Red Cross, students from the Health Careers Department at the FWCS Career Academy decided to host a blood drive. Allied Health students made presentations to the various classes and recruited over 250 donors. The students also volunteered their time in assisting the staff from the Red Cross during the blood drive.

Most of the donors were students from 34 programs studying at FWCS Career Academy. For many, it was their first time and some were quite nervous; yet, most said they would donate again. Was it the t-shirts, snacks, or getting out of class that makes them want to come back? "Hey, that stuff is okay" said one student, "but I kind of like the idea that maybe I really did make a difference for someone." Well, it’s not too early to think Spring when the Health Career students hold their next drive for the American Red Cross.