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weekly update 11-24-20------------------------------------------------------------


Lakeside Virtual Fundraiser begins 11-19-20!

Your friends and relatives can order online to support your fundraiser! You must set up your name for online ordering to receive credit for your sales. Follow the instructions below: 1)Go to the online sales website at "". 2) Click the "Register Here" option.
 3) Fill out the required information. Your Group ID: NS7C4 4) Click "Submit Registration". (scan for registration form) Be sure to share by clicking on the social media Share Buttons! Customers visit "" and "SHOP NOW." 
 They log in with your Group ID "NS7C4" and click "Shop!" 
 (Have them choose your registered name as the seller to support. Customers will have items shipped directly to their home as soon as the order is processed. Payment is accepted via credit card or PayPal. Online orders are automatically added to sales when your orders are processed.



Today, we met with 8th grade students currently struggling with Algebra. They have an awesome tutoring opportunity for 8th graders only in Algebra with Ivy Tech. These tutoring sessions are offered via zoom. The majority of the 8th graders were signed up. This is a choice for your student to participate, they are not required, just encouraged if they are struggling. Tutoring is offered by Ivy Tech math professors. Sessions are Tuesday, Thursdays, 6-8PM, and Saturdays 10AM-12PM. We enrolled the students and walked them through how to get into the sessions. In order to log in the session they can’t be on their school goggle account. They will need to go we did have each student bookmark this website on their page.


We will be having a 2 hr. delay every Wednesday through the end of December. Classes will begin at 9:20 a.m.