Northrop High School - Renovation





The renovation at Northrop High School consists of architectural, mechanical, plumbing and electrical renovations. Highlights include a new office addition with secure vestibule entry at Door 1, the addition of air conditioning and new heating and ventilation throughout the entire building, energy efficient LED lighting and electrical upgrades throughout and upgrades to wall, flooring and ceiling finishes throughout the building. To facilitate renovation phasing throughout the building, this project utilizes 12 temporary modular classrooms accessed through a covered walkway, similar to the process used at Snider High School in the Phase 1 Program. The renovations also include waterproofing of the concrete stadium structures and locker room renovations at Spuller Stadium.



Spring 2018 Modular Classrooms
Phase 00 Office Addition (Door 1 Relocation, Secure Vestibule – Starts)
Summer 2018 Auxiliary Gymnasium
Phase 01 G-Hall, North (Art – Jewelry, Photography and 2D Art)
  E-Hall, Core (Business, Science Classrooms and Labs)
  Spuller Stadium (Waterproofing, Track Resurfacing and Field Drainage)
Fall 2018 G-Hall, South (Art – Ceramics)
Phase 02 H-Hall, East (Band)
  E-Hall, Perimeter (Business and Math)
Winter 2018/2019 Spuller Stadium (Restrooms, Locker Rooms and Concessions)
Phase 06* *This Phase was moved forward in the schedule.
Spring 2019 H-Hall, Center (Choir)
Phase 03 D-Hall, Perimeter (English and Math)
Summer 2019 Commons
Phase 04 Auditorium
  Cafeteria (Serving Area)
  Office Renovation, Existing Office Area (Guidance, Student Services and Clinic)
  Weight Room (Done over Moratorium Week)
  C-Hall, Core (Science Labs)
Fall 2019 C-Hall, Perimeter (Social Studies and World Language)
Phase 05  
Spring 2020 D-Hall, Core (English and Science Classrooms and Labs)
Phase 07 A-Hall, (2nd Floor Computer Labs & Study Halls around Media Center)
Summer 2020 Main Gym (Begins at Spring Break)
Phase 08/Phase 09 Locker Rooms (Starts at end of School Year)
  Kitchen (Freezer and Cooler)
  Media Center
  B-Hall (Project Lead the Way, Family & Consumer Sciences, Special Education)
Fall 2020 Project Complete