Portage Middle School Virtual Back To School Night

Portage Middle School Virtual Back to School Night Welcome Video

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These videos will remain here all year and will be updated from time to time as changes are made during the school year


6th Grade Teacher Videos 7th Grade Teacher Videos
8th Grade Teacher Videos Related Arts Teacher Videos
Mr. Brooks/ Ms. French 6th Grade Math Ms. Blum 7th Grade Language Arts Mrs. Broadnax 8th Grade Algebra I   Mr. Gerke 6th - 8th Grade Music
Mrs. Clark/Mrs. Stevens 6th Grade Language Arts Mrs. Gerardot 7th Grade Math Intervention Ms. Glunt 8th Grade Science Mrs. Harl 6th - 8th Grade P.E.
Mrs. Fane 6th Grade Science
Mr. Hudon 7th Grade Social Studies Mr. Grayam 8th Grade Social Studies Mrs. Selman 6th - 8th Grade Spanish
 Mrs. Moyer 6th Grade Math Mrs. O’Dell 7th Grade Science
Mrs. Kennedy 8th Grade Support 
Mrs. Sims 6th - 8th Grade Art
Mr. Muncey 6th Grade Social Studies Mr. Salgado 7th Grade Math Mrs. North 8th Grade Algebra I Mrs. Uju-Eke 6th-8th Grade Dig. Citizenship
Mrs. Reuille 6th Grade Language Arts Mrs. Stull 7th Grade Math Mrs. Phiri 8th Grade Language Arts Mrs. McClure 6th-8th Grade Media Center
  Ms. Wilson 6th Grade Support
  Ms. Wilson 7th Grade Support       
Ms. Wilson 8th Grade Support Mrs. Mante 6th - 8th ELL
Ms. Kayla’s SMD Room 102 6-8th Grades Mrs. Sagarsee’s Alt. Program 6th - 8th Mrs. Klee’s Counseling Support