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Welcome to the Business Department web site. Please feel free to use any of the resources provided by this site and other sites endorsed by this site. Any questions regarding any topics of the Business Department should be directed to either the head of the Snider Business Department, Mr. John Todor, or to another of the Snider business teachers.

2019-2020 Northeast Indiana STEMfest Champions(Math, Science, Engineering, Programming, Cybersecurity)

Snider Business Courses offered

Accounting I &II
PLTW Computer Essentials
PLTW Computer Science Principles AP
PLTW Computer Science A-AP
Personal Finance
Web Design
Business Math
Computer Illustrations & Graphics
Introduction to Business
Business Law

PLTW Computer Science Essentials Information

Essentials Course Outline Link

PLTW  Computer Science Principles Information

Principles Course Outline Link

Project Based Learning Objective

Each lesson is framed by a project or problem. Students begin each lesson by considering the problem and the lesson’s essential questions, and they reflect throughout the lesson on the essential questions. The knowledge and skills necessary for students to successfully engage the problem are taught during activities guided by step-by-step instructions, instructional videos, teacher presentations, and unplugged activities. Students complete the vast majority of the work in the course with a partner, typically changing partners each lesson.

Snider Business Departments
John Todor - Lead Teacher
Robert Crum
Reginald Norfleet
Gregory Shade

Akilah Sims