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Student Quotes

Student Quotes About Towles New Tech

I think it is a unique and effective program. I like the TRR (Trust, Respect, Responsibility) pillars. -Walter, 8th grader

It’s a great atmosphere to learn in. I like the interactive way of learning. -Emily, 8th grader

I feel like TNT gives us freedom to work. I like how we all have our own computers and that the facilitators trust us. -Adrian, 7th grader

I feel that the environment is good, and I really like project-based learning. -Avery, 7th grader

TNT is new to me, but so far I feel that this school is very different from the previous school I attended, but I like the system and how the school is run. TNT offers many activities that can help out in high school. I like their system and how we use trust cards. - Irasema, 8th grader

I like that facilitators actually help you and not just give you a paper and expect you to know how to do it. I like that they have workshops too. -Nyjahnae, 7th grader

I like how we’re different from other schools.  I feel we should do something to get people more interested about coming to our school. -D’asjah, 8th grader

I really like it. I came from a Catholic school that was super strict. So this is a huge change for me. It’s a really good change. There’s a lot more freedom, and so many people to make friends with. -Madalyn, 7th grader

I love TNT. I like that they trust us and they think we have a lot of potential. -Izaak, 8th grader

I feel that we are treated with more respect and have more freedom. I like how most or our projects are group projects and we use computers for everything. -Jordyn, 7th grader

I really like this New Tech Network middle school! I’ve been here two years, including this year, and I like the PBL process. I love the community in this school! The facilitators are really nice and kind. -Zeah, 8th grader