Towles Intermediate School New Tech Culture

Trust, Respect, Responsibility

The pillars of Trust, Respect, and Responsibility are the foundation of Towles New Tech Middle School. Our students create our school norms during Culture Week, which takes place during the first week of school. During Culture Week, students and facilitators build our culture, setting the stage for how our school will operate for the year. 

2018-2019 TNT School Wide Norms


  • Be kind to everyone, avoid conflict, and own your actions.
  • Own the norms and wear your trust card.
  • Be trustworthy with other’s materials and property.


  • Respect others’ individuality (opinions, decisions, privacy, space, etc.) and listen with purpose.
  • Respect facilitators, staff, peers, and yourself.
  • Be respectful of other people’s space and materials
  • Care for and use your laptop appropriately


  • Manage your materials, work, and time.
  • Restore your environment
  • Teammates and facilitators will contribute, pull their own weight, and complete their tasks on time.