Towles Intermediate School - New Tech Culture

Trust, Respect, Responsibility

The pillars of Trust, Respect, and Responsibility are the foundation of Towles New Tech Middle School. Our students create our school norms during Culture Week, which takes place during the first week of school. During Culture Week, students and facilitators build our culture, setting the stage for how our school will operate for the year. 

2019-2020 TNT School Wide Norms


  • Be honest and trustworthy in words and actions.
  • Trust peers and facilitators to follow the norms.
  • Be trustworthy with others’ property and belongings.



  • Treat facilitators, peers, and staff better than you would want to be treated by being polite, kind, cooperative, and fair.
  • Respect other people’s belongings, space, and opinions.
  • Follow directions and use good listening skills.



  • Come to class on time and be prepared.
  • Pull your weight in a project.
  • Take care of yourself and your school environment.