Diplomas and Graduation Pathways

Diplomas and Graduation Pathways

Indiana is undertaking major initiatives to transform what it takes to graduate from an Indiana high school. Two of the main issues are diplomas and graduation pathways. This page will serve as a resource on these issues and others, as they arise. Check back frequently for additional information. Have a question? Send it to us through Let’s Talk!

Diplomas Diploma

Fort Wayne Community Schools has a history of working to ensure students graduate from high school with a Core 40 diploma or better. The Core 40 became the standard for graduates in the Class of 2011 when they entered high school in the fall of 2007. The current requirements went into effect for the Class of 2016. You can see all the requirements on the Indiana Department of Education’s website.

Changes in federal education law under the Every Student Succeeds Act, require Indiana to make changes to the Indiana high school diploma to streamline the diploma process. Senate Bill 177 would move from four diploma options to one.

Graduation Pathways

Beginning with the Class of 2023 (seventh-graders in 2017-18), graduates will need to show they have mastered skills in several areas, including being ready for the workforce and continued learning after high school. The structure of the pathways was approved by the Indiana State Board of Education in December 2017. There are still many unknowns in this plan. You can read more on the Indiana State Board of Education website.

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