Jordan Lebamoff: Member - District 4

Jordan Lebamoff: Member - District 4

Jordan Lebamoff lives in the house his grandfather built, the house where both he and his father grew up, the house his children now call home. The Lebamoff family has always been a part of the Fourth District and always will be.

Mr. Lebamoff will stand up for all children, just as he does for his own. He will work to:

  • Ensure that our schools have the teachers, programs and classes necessary so children can learn and achieve academic excellence.
  • Keep FWCS accountable, insisting that it operate efficiently and in a fiscally responsible manner and ensuring tax dollars are spent wisely.
  • Be the ears and voice of the Fourth District on the School Board. Being tied to the Fourth District by bonds of tradition, he is committed to it because he believes that the schools are stronger by working together.


Current Term:


Fort Wayne Community Schools
1200 South Clinton Street
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46802







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