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Thursday, April 05, 2018

Career Academy graphic design students rebranding FWCS schools

Students in Career Academy teacher Karen Gillie’s graphic design classes have been hard at work coming up with new logos for several FWCS school buildings.

In January, the students met with representatives from six FWCS schools to learn a bit more about each building. After that initial meeting, students chose which school they wanted to work on rebranding, which included a new school logo encompassing the school’s mascot and school name.

To date, graphic design students have worked with a total of 13 schools to come up with new logos.

After weeks of preparing the artwork, including studying copyright and coming up with graphic standards manuals, the students made presentations to school representatives.

Ashley Finucan, the student improvement liaison from Abbett Elementary School, sat through each session for her school’s logo redesign. For her second round of presentations she brought along representatives from Pine Hills Church, the school’s Rising Stars partner.

Possible new Abbett logo designs

A panel considers a new logo for Abbett Elementary School

Another option for the Abbett logo

A student presents her graphics manual to Abbett representatives

One after another, graphics design students presented Finucan with their ideas for what best represents the Abbett Wolves. Currently, the school’s mascot looks more like a fox than a wolf, and the logo’s look just needs a bit of an update.

Finucan and her panel were presented with their graphic standards manuals which explained the do’s and don’ts of the new designs.

And, each student took the time to explain their design’s details.

A student presents a new logo design to Abbett representatives

Preston Barnwell pointed out that, in his design, the letter “A” for Abbett was split into two colors reminiscent of a puzzle piece to represent the diversity and show how the Abbett community is always connected and working together.

“I can tell you’re proud (of your design),” Finucan told Barnwell. “I’m proud of you to.”

For Jayden Shroyer, finding a balance between a kid-friendly wolf, for the younger students at Abbett, and a fiercer one to represent the outgoing fifth graders was important.

Student Aryonna Downton wanted to leave the wolf’s expression up to the students, so her mascot is missing a mouth. When she showed it to fellow classmates during the designing phase, and asked what they thought of the wolf, the answers ranged from “sassy” to “wise.”

In the end, Finucan, and the staff of Abbett, will make the final decision on the new Abbett look. Until then, Finucan and principal Frank Kline had to whittle the pool down from 11 options to just a few so voting could take place.

"This project provides students with a real-world experience," Gillie said. "I believe this project enables students to work on soft skills as well as technical skills in this career field."