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Tuesday, March 05, 2019

High Schools Preparing for Graduation Pathways

In February, each high school invited current eighth-graders and their parents to Freshman Orientation. This is a milestone event in any year, but for the Class of 2023, it’s an even bigger step.

Today’s eighth-graders are the first required to meet the new Indiana Graduation Pathways to receive an Indiana High School Diploma four years from now.

As the students enter high school, FWCS is working to ensure parents and students know the new expectations and the many options they will have to meet and exceed the requirements.

The first requirement for a diploma is to meet the academic requirements. The CORE 40 requires 40 credits, while Advanced Honors and Technical Honors designations require a more rigorous track and earning 47 credits.

The second requirement is demonstrating employability skills. This can be done through a work-based program, such as an internship; a project-based learning program, such as Project Lead the Way or New Tech Academy; or a service-based program, such as volunteering.

The third requirement is proving readiness to continue learning after high school. This could be done by taking and earning a specified score on the ACT, SAT or ASVAB; earning the Academic or Technical Honors diploma; earning an industry certification or having an internship; earning a C or higher in three AP, IB or dual-credit courses; or another approved pathway.

FWCS is confident through programming already in place, new offerings to come and partnerships being developed and expanded that each students will be able to successfully complete a Pathway and graduate in four years.

This presentation was shared with parents at the recent Freshman Orientation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKlqNOivRDc&feature=youtu.be

Graduation Pathways