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Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Northrop fine arts students show off their talents

The fine and performing arts programs at Northrop High School came together last month for a three-day arts festival to showcase their talents to the school and their families.

It’s not unusual for Northrop to have a fine arts fair, but this year was the first time the whole fine arts department came together for Fine Art Week.

“We wanted the school to experience all the arts throughout the week,” said art teacher John Platt, in an email. “We wanted it to be three days so everyone could have a chance to experience all the arts that Northrop has to offer.”

An art gallery was set up in the school’s wrestling room, and open during lunch periods so that students could walk through after they ate lunch. Demonstrations were also available during the lunch times for students to see art being made.

There were musical and dramatic performances in the auditorium prior to lunch periods, which students and staff were able to enjoy.

And, this year, one night was open for families to come in and see the fine and performing arts in action.

“I think the parent night went very well,” Platt said. “We had a lot of parents and students were excited to show off their art work, and hard work, to their parents.”

He estimated more than 150 people attended the parent night.

Northrop student demonstrating pottery

A Northrop student’s milk sculpture

Northrop drama performance

“It is important to do things like this for our students so, number one, they have an opportunity to show off their individual talents to parents, students and the community,” Platt said. “Number two, so all students can experience the arts throughout school.”

Number three is the immeasurable affect the arts have on students.

“This is something that cannot be measured by testing, but has an impact and gives relevancy for students,” Platt said.

This year, Northrop boasted a Scholastic Art & Writing National Silver Medalist. Rayanna Batchelder, who won a gold key at the regional competition, took away a silver medal in pottery.

“She is very creative and is not afraid of taking risks,” said teacher Angela Smolek-Platt. “This is why her work is exciting for the viewer. I am so very happy and excited for her winning a national Scholastic medal. I hope she continues with her art work in the future and has great success.”

Batchelder was one of three national medalists from Fort Wayne Community Schools. Others were Martin Mbuguah of South Side High School and Kaylei Wiechart of Blackhawk Middle School.

In total, more than 50 FWCS students received gold or silver keys during the regional Scholastic Art & Writing awards. Ceramic artwork by a Northrop student