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Monday, June 04, 2018

Ride and Read at Haley off to great start

Third through fifth-grade students at Haley Elementary School have been improving their physical health while increasing their reading comprehension thanks to grant money from Parkview Health.

The school participates in Parkview’s Taking Root program, for fourth and fifth graders, allowing them to learn more about taking better care of their physical and emotional health.

As a result of their participation, the school has received about $1,500 over the last three years, school nurse Candis Deisler said.

The money had to be used for items to improve health and wellness, and Principal Brandon White said the school staff didn’t want to just use it on more playground equipment.

It was fifth-grade teacher Julie McCoy who suggested the Ride and Read idea. The school purchased two standalone, stationary bikes, as well as three exercise pedals that go under a desk or table.

The pilot program began in January and focused on grades three through five.

Students rotate during their library times as a class and spend 15-20 minutes on the bikes. The goal is to not only increase daily physical activity, but to try to help increase comprehension and focus in the classroom.

Anecdotally, teachers, and at least one student, say it seems to be helping. However, because they have only five cycles, the school doesn’t yet have data to back up the anecdotes.

Fifth-grader P.J. was recently riding and reading in the library, after an injury that kept her from gym class.

“It helps us focus more,” she said.

Media clerk Amanda Berry said the students seem to enjoy the bikes, readily hopping on them during their library times.

Haley plans to continue the program next year and White said he hopes to expand it.

“We hope to, possibly, be able to track more data for next year,” Deisler said.

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