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Fort Wayne Community Schools will say good-bye to 123 retirees with nearly 3,300 combined years of service at the annual retirement dinner Thursday, May 15.

The district wishes the best to the teachers, bus drivers, classroom assistants, custodians, administrators and others who dedicated many years to making the lives of children better. The years of service for this year’s group of retirees range from 10 to 44, and each year made a difference to students.

The following are the retirees FWCS honors this year:

Retiree Name Position Years
 Jerry Durst  Holland, Special Education Teacher  44
 Russell Bush  Snider, Science Teacher  43
 James Emmerson  Franke Park, Principal  43
 Ronald Long  Weisser Park, P.E. Teacher  43
 Sandy Sunderland-Willis  Pyramid for Success Director  43
 Michael Danley  Snider, Business Teacher  42.5
 Steve Simmons  Northrop, Assistant Principal  42.5
 Ruth Ann Bever  Franke Park, Fifth-Grade Teacher  42
 Willard Brown  Bus Driver  42
 Janice Waterfall  Blackhawk, Language Arts Teacher  42
 J. Michael Caywood  Holland, Principal  41
 Richard Davis  Northrop, Media Teacher  41
 Daniel Vought  Snider, A/V-Media Teacher  41
 Christine Danley  Holland, Fifth-Grade Teacher  40.5
 Jerry Zent  Shawnee, P.E. Teacher  40.5
 Donna Beebe  Arlington, Kindergarten Teacher  40
 Ruth Hayes  Weisser Park, Fourth-Grade Teacher  40
 Rebecca Schaefer  Weisser Park, Assistant Principal  40
 Michael Schnelker  North Side, Assistant Principal  40
 Jane Ensley  Holland, ELL Teacher  39.5
 Russell Isaacs  Snider, Athletic Director  38
 Nancy Shriner  Weisser Park, Fourth-Grade Teacher  38
 Albert Jacquay II  Northrop, Art Teacher/FWEA President  37.5
 James Rousseau  Snider, Science Teacher  37
 Mary Baker  Weisser Park, Third-Grade Teacher  36.5
 Linda Hamrick  Wayne, P.E. Teacher  36
 Judith Williams  Anthis, Barr Street Café Manager  36
 Gary Beihold  Transportation/Technology, Project Leader  34.5
 Caryl Ball  Bloomingdale, Second-Grade Teacher  34
 Nancy Critell  Harris, Student Interventionist  34
 Cecilia Curry  Bus Driver  34
 Judith Christie  Bus Driver  33
 Kathy Veltum  Memorial Park, Baker  32.5
 Deborah Hartman  Towles, 9-12 Teacher  31
 Ellen Farmer  Shambaugh, Secretary  31
 John Halter  Jefferson, Science Teacher  31
 Jody Hyder  Special Education, Secretary  31
 Diane Havert  St. Joseph Central, Media Clerk  30
 Diane Joustra  Brentwood, Special Education Teacher  30
 Judy Land  Transportation, Manager  30
 Alice Pettit  Holland, Secretary  29
 Mable Smith  Washington Center, Media Clerk  29
 Susan Steinmetz  St. Joseph Central, Fourth-Grade Teacher  29
 Clare Townsel  Arlington, First-Grade Teacher  29
 Linda Klenke  Snider, Science Teacher  28.5
 Philip Muhleman  Maintenance & Operations, Assistant Manager  28.5
 Alan Dinger  Maintenance & Operations, Plumber  28
 Deborah Liddy  Franke Park, Instructional Assistant  28
 William Redmaster  Northcrest, Kindergarten Teacher  28
 Richard Swincher  Maintenance & Operations, Asst. Coord. for Energy Mgmt.  28
 Linda Thompson  Study, Instructional Assistant  27.5
 Jacquelyn Andrews  Haley, Instructional Assistant  27
 Nancy Barrett  Curriculum, Secretary  27
 Ellen Louise Bopp  Shambaugh, Cafeteria Manager  27
 Marilyn Buchheit  Lincoln, Instructional Assistant  27
 Raye Jacobs  Holland, Instructional Assistant  27
 Janet Johnson  Miami, Cafeteria Manager  27
 Marianna Kidder  Shambaugh, Media Clerk  27
 David Garvin  Anthis, Automotive Teacher  26.5
 Diana Slusser  Holland, Instructional Assistant  26.5
 Timothy Springer  Bus Driver  26.5
 Sandy Griffin  Special Education, Psychologist  26
 Linda Grohovsky  Miami, Special Education Teacher  26
 Susan Knight  Forest Park, Instructional Assistant  26
 Elizabeth Liechty  Jefferson, Spanish Teacher  26
 William Watson Jr.  Snider, Administrative Assistant  26
 Rose Huston  Franke Park, Media Clerk  25.5
 Penny Kirkman  Bus Driver  25.5
 Barbara Shaidnagle  Towles, Resource Teacher  25.5
 Alice McComb  Shambaugh, Third-Grade Teacher  24
 Marcia Tulley  Shambaugh, Kindergarten Teacher  24
 Nancy Caywood  Lincoln, Second-Grade Teacher  23.5
 Claudia Gimbel  Blackhawk, Math Teacher  23
 Reid LeFavour  Holland, Music Teacher  23
 Sally Mowrer  Lakeside, Building Coach  23
 Spencer Brewer  Bus Driver  22
 Kristina Bunn  Transportation, Coordinator of Special Ed. Routing  22
 Leila Finley  Arlington, Instructional Assistant  22
 Derrell Gatson  Memorial Park, Math Teacher  22
 Mary Kathryn Haut  Shawnee, Language Arts Teacher  22
 Jeanette Sanders  Whitney Young, Art Teacher  22
 Joann Piatt  South Side, ELL Teacher  21.5
 Barbara Ahlersmeyer  Northrop, Principal  21
 Patricia Christie  Anthis, Health Careers Teacher  21
 Bruce Crist  Snider, Social Studies Teacher  21
 Patty Mahocker  Towles, Montessori Assistant  21
 Michael Rich  LC Ward, Teacher  21
 Linda Sullivan  Shambaugh, Art Teacher  21
 Dianne Wisel  Special Education, Teacher  21
 Barbara Kuntz  Fairfield, Art Teacher  20.5
 Theresa Manck  Blackhawk, Special Education Teacher  20
 Theresa Noonan  Towles, Student Interventionist  20
 Cynthia Grodrian  Whitney Young, Pre-K Teacher  19.5
 Sara Nelson  Maintenance & Operations, Secretary  19.5
 Dana Bromelmeier  Bunche, 3-6 Teacher  19
 Judith Panoch  Scott Academy, Special Education Teacher  19
 Sharon Bredemeyer  Wayne, English Teacher  18.5
 Jerry Amstutz  Northrop, Social Studies Teacher  18
 Victoria Brouwer  Snider, Counselor  18
 Olga Birkner  Payroll Clerk  17.5
 Sandra Sechler  Study, Instructional Assistant  17.5
 Anne Grawcock  Human Resources, HR Specialist  17
 Frank Kahn  Maintenance & Operations, Groundskeeper  17
 Stephen Long  Northrop, Science Teacher  17
 Victoria Sims  Special Education, Teacher  17
 Cheryl Sanders  Bus Driver  16.5
 Lynn Evans  Bus Driver  16
 Sondra Glidewell  Northrop, Business Teacher  16
 Gerald Wilson  Bus Driver  16
 Deborah Hyatt  Shambaugh, Alternative Teacher  15
 Donna Kirwan-Leonidas  Washington, First-Grade Teacher  15
 Belinda Moreno  Study, ELL Teacher  15
 Therese Wallace  Towles, 9-12 Teacher  15
 Claire Dollarhite  Fairfield, Media Clerk  14.5
 Gary Lake  Transportation Director  14.5
 Dennis Ramsey  Maintenance & Operations, Groundskeeper  14.5
 William Tester  Wayne, ROTC  14.5
 Mary Wood  Weisser Park, Music Teacher  14.5
 Shirley Ellis  Indian Village, Instructional Assistant  13.5
 Barbara Guevara  Weisser Park, Instructional Assistant  12
 James Perry  Bus Driver  11.5
 Pinkie Irby  Snider, School Assistant  11
 John Wood  Snider Math Teacher  10


With nearly 30,000 students, Fort Wayne Community Schools is one of the largest school districts in Indiana. FWCS proudly allows families to choose any of its 50 schools through its successful school-choice program creating diversity in each school, including some with more than 75 languages spoken. FWCS offers seven magnet schools focusing on areas such as science and math, communication, fine arts or Montessori at the elementary and middle school level. In high school, students can choose from the prestigious International Baccalaureate program, Project Lead the Way or New Tech Academy as well as other rigorous academic and specialty training programs.