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Displayed from: Nov 13, 2017 , until: Jan 13, 2018

Fort Wayne Community Schools and the Fort Wayne Education Association have agreed on a two-year contract ending June 30, 2019, that includes a new bachelor’s and master’s degree salary schedule that allows eligible teachers an opportunity to advance in salary each year.


A tentative agreement was reached Thursday, Oct. 5. Teachers ratified the agreement Wednesday, Oct. 18, and the FWCS Board of School Trustees approved the agreement today.


The new contract covers only wages and wage-related benefits as stipulated by state law. The law also limits wage increases to teachers evaluated as effective or highly effective. Under the new salary schedule, the base salary for teachers with a bachelor’s degree ranges from $39,100 to $60,000. For a master’s degree, the range is $41,650 to $68,050.


With the approval of the new contract, 2017-18 will be a transition year in which teachers will be placed on the salary row that is closest to and greater than a teacher’s current salary. Teachers will see a minimum increase of $1,000 this year, but for teachers moving from the bachelor’s degree schedule to the master’s degree schedule, it could be as high as $5,000. If the increase to the salary row is less than $1,000, the teacher will receive the difference between the row increase and $1,000 as a stipend. For example, an eligible teacher with a bachelor’s degree currently making $41,500 would be placed on row D with a salary of $42,400. However, because the increase is less than $1,000, the teacher would receive a one-time stipend of $100.


In 2018-19, eligible teachers will advance one row on the salary schedule, which is an increase of $1,100. Compensation for teachers taking on additional duties, such as coaches, extra-curricular advisors, technology coordinator and other positions, was also evaluated and adjusted.

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