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Displayed from: Sep 01, 2005 , until: Sep 15, 2005
Again crediting the district’s nationally acclaimed Integrated Math, Fort Wayne Community Schools 2005 Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) results show a continuation of a seven-year upward trend since that program began.. The district’s mean math scores rose one point to 502. Meanwhile, English mean scores for the district went down one point, deceasing to 487. Fifth-six percent of the district’s high school students chose to take the SAT, compared to 49 percent nationally. FWCS has been working hard to encourage students to take the more rigorous coursework necessary to do well on the SAT. Taking the test encourages students to set higher expectations for their future, as well as ensuring that the doors to higher education are left open for them. In 2001, FWCS introduced a PSAT/SAT Preparation course. In partnership with The Princeton Review, the district broke new ground by integrating the practice test into a course syllabus and making it available during the school day for a credit and a grade. Students are given a practice SAT test at the beginning of the course in order to track the impact of the semester-long class. During the first semester of 2001-02, students scored 179 points higher on the actual SAT test after taking the preparation course. First semester students the following school year saw their SAT scores increase by 195 points. The class is offered in all FWCS high schools.

With nearly 30,000 students, Fort Wayne Community Schools is one of the largest school districts in Indiana. FWCS proudly allows families to choose any of its 50 schools through its successful school-choice program creating diversity in each school, including some with more than 75 languages spoken. FWCS offers seven magnet schools focusing on areas such as science and math, communication, fine arts or Montessori at the elementary and middle school level. In high school, students can choose from the prestigious International Baccalaureate program, Project Lead the Way or New Tech Academy as well as other rigorous academic and specialty training programs.