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Fort Wayne Community Schools will celebrate more than 2,800 years of service worked by 105 retirees at the annual retirement dinner Tuesday, May 6. The dinner begins at 5:30 p.m. at Indiana Tech and honors the teachers, bus drivers, classroom assistants and administrators who dedicated years to making the lives of children better. The years of service range from 7 to nearly 45, and each year made a difference to students. The following are the retirees FWCS honors this year: Name Current/Last Position Years of Service W. Sharlene Whittaker Scott Academy Teacher 44.50 Sarah Stoner Shambaugh Teacher 41.50 Ronald Flickinger Vocational Coordinator 41.00 Rosemary Reitz Forest Park Teacher 41.00 Eric Beebe Northrop Teacher 40.00 Cheryl Childers Blackhawk Teacher 39.00 Joseph Hobbs Shambaugh Teacher 39.00 Nancy Schram Human Resources Director 39.00 Sandra Cochran Weisser Park Teacher 39.00 Harold Crum Wayne Teacher 39.00 David Desper Portage Teacher 38.00 David Dew Northwood Teacher 38.00 Nicholas Johnson Harris Teacher 38.00 James Davis Continuing Ed. Manager 38.00 Roberta Gruver Indian Village Teacher 38.00 Susan Rupert Blackhawk Teacher 37.50 Steven Bruns Portage Teacher 37.50 Debera Hicks Nebraska Teacher 37.50 Christine Davis South Wayne Teacher 37.00 Shirley Johnson Northrop Counselor 36.00 Kathleen Ogle Indian Village Teacher 35.00 Thomas James Franke Park Teacher 34.50 Georjean Bush Forest Park Teacher 34.00 Paul Anderson Wayne Teacher 34.00 Diann Lauer St. Joseph Central Clerk 33.50 Paul Pinnell Groundskeeper 33.50 Ellen Steinbacher Holland Assistant 33.02 Bonnie Amburgey North Side Teacher 33.00 Timothy Shriner Northwood Teacher 33.00 Dennis Worden Lakeside Teacher 33.00 Rosie Blessing Snider Teacher 33.00 Sharon Dimit North Side Secretary 33.00 Mary Binns Northcrest Teacher 32.50 Anita Evans Ward Administrative Aide 32.50 Brenda Singleton Recruiting & Hiring Mgr. 32.50 Lynn Johnston Lakeside Teacher 32.50 Janice Friedmeyer Northwood Teacher 32.00 Barbara Mettler Lakeside Counselor 32.00 Madeline Garvin Snider Teacher 30.50 Carol Helton Wayne Custodian 30.33 Brenda McBride Continuing Ed. Secretary 30.10 Linda George South Wayne Teacher 30.00 Julia Hollingsworth South Side Teacher 30.00 Murray Mendenhall Wayne Teacher 30.00 August Miller Irwin Custodian 30.00 Joann Terlosky Northrop Cafeteria Asst. 30.00 Jane DeBord Haley Teacher 29.00 Kathryn Waterman Forest Park Teacher 28.50 Monica Shirey Bus Driver 28.42 Janet Wise Snider Cook 28.20 Diana Ream Shambaugh Teacher 28.00 Patricia Adams Adams Clerk 28.00 Suzanne Rohling Special Ed. Secretary 28.00 JoAnne Johnson Indian Village Sp. Ed. Asst. 27.50 Deborah Emenhiser Lakeside Teacher 27.00 Jeanne Ott Wayne Asst. Cafeteria Mgr. 27.00 Betty Aulick-Andrews Lane Teacher 26.00 Janet Shannon Bus Driver 25.50 Sharon Staak Bunche Teacher 25.50 Mary Estep Special Ed. Bus Driver 25.25 Betty Plattner Scott Academy Assistant 24.92 Cheryl Alcantara Blackhawk Teacher 24.00 Sandra Williams Bunche Assistant 23.75 Cheryl Trammel Northrop Teacher 23.50 Joellen Beights Lincoln Teacher 23.00 Sandra Liechty North Side Teacher 23.00 Rosemary Weigold Franke Park Prime Time Asst23.00 Margaret Faulkner Lakeside Custodian 22.25 Judith Wheeler Bus Driver 22.00 Patsy Moody Wayne Cafeteria Assistant 22.00 David Hieber Northwood Custodian 21.00 Mary Jalkanen Bus Driver 20.75 Susan Nelson South Side Teacher 20.50 Patricia Brooks Shawnee Teacher 20.00 Deborah Springer Maplewood Nutrition Fac. 19.75
Donnie Locke Shambaugh Teacher 19.50 Martha Lewis Northcrest Custodian 19.00 Jane Michell Irwin Prime Time Assistant 19.00 Joseph Taylor North Side Engineer 19.00 Marilyn Meyer Arlington Prime Time Asst. 18.25 Carol Fahl Fairfield Teacher 18.00 Carolyn Heiber Continuing Ed. Media Clerk 18.00 Barbara Schroeder Northrop Assistant 18.00 Lynne Senk Shawnee Teacher 18.00 Laura Diaz Harris Prime Time Assistant 17.50 Patricia Tam Blackhawk Special Ed. Asst. 17.17 Diane Gardiner Snider Custodian 17.00 Charles Webb Study Custodian 17.00 Pamela Smith South Side Custodian 16.75 Barbara Hayes Lindley Case Manager 16.00 Barbara Hoth Fairfield Teacher 16.00 Mel Falkner Transportation Manager 15.75 Shirley Ewing Payroll Supervisor 15.00 Nancy Emmerson Portage Assistant 15.00 Glenda McClintock Transportation Secretary 15.00 Gayle Shumard Glenwood Park Prime Time 15.00 Jo Ellen Nuttle Haley Teacher 14.50 Susan Walters Maplewood Teacher 14.50 P. Susan Miller Blackhawk Teacher 14.00 Floral Sieradski Price Teacher 14.00 Jack Hammel Bus Driver 13.92 Melanie Myers Snider Teacher 12.00 Sharon Green Bus Driver 11.50 Carolyn Riley Fairfield School Assistant 10.75 Jan Davis-Decker Northwood Teacher 7.00

With nearly 30,000 students, Fort Wayne Community Schools is one of the largest school districts in Indiana. FWCS proudly allows families to choose any of its 50 schools through its successful school-choice program creating diversity in each school, including some with more than 75 languages spoken. FWCS offers seven magnet schools focusing on areas such as science and math, communication, fine arts or Montessori at the elementary and middle school level. In high school, students can choose from the prestigious International Baccalaureate program, Project Lead the Way or New Tech Academy as well as other rigorous academic and specialty training programs.