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Fort Wayne Community Schools will say good-bye to 135 retirees with more than 3,700 combined years of service at the annual retirement dinner Thursday, May 13. The district wishes the best to the teachers, bus drivers, classroom assistants and administrators who dedicated years to making the lives of children better. The years of service for this year's group of retirees range from 6 to 46, and each year made a difference to students. The following are the retirees FWCS honors this year: Name Position Years of Service Betty Baker Instructor, Adult Learning Center 46 Doug Gemmer P.E. teacher, Scott Academy 46 Earl Hoke Bus driver, Transportation 46 George Cunningham Fifth-grade teacher, Shambaugh 41 Lawrence Ewing Auto/construction trades instructor 41 Anita Isch Fourth-grade teacher, Forest Park 41 Raymond Bishop English teacher, Wayne 40 Victoria Davis Art teacher, North Side 40 Frank Degler P.E. teacher, Lindley 40 Beverly McBride School assistant, Washington Center 40 Donald Schaffer Health teacher, Snider 40 Jane Zwienink-Thompson Music teacher, Holland 40 Mary Jordan First-grade teacher, Franke Park 39.5 Susan Bandemer Spanish teacher, Snider 39 Laura Dettmer Teacher, Early Childhood Resource 39 Jane Grose Third-grade teacher, Wash. Center 39 Joanne Montgomery Fourth-grade teacher, Holland 39 R. Ryland Taliaferro P.E. teacher, North Side 39 Pamela Thomas Teacher, Ward 39 F. Mark Werling Social studies teacher, Snider 39 Dwight Johnson P.E. teacher, Lincoln 38.5 Linda A. Orth Second-grade teacher, Abbett 38.5 Rebecca Stroup First-grade teacher, Irwin 38.5 Sharon Orr Third-grade teacher, Glenwood Park 38 Kenneth Shiveler Fourth-grade teacher, Brentwood 38 Michael Diss Science teacher, Shawnee 37 Kathy Shannon First-grade teacher, Pleasant Center 36 Timothy Williams Guidance counselor, ACJC/Anthis 36 Larry Cox P.E. teacher, Memorial Park 35.5 Linda A. Fruchey Fifth-grade teacher, Harris 35.5 Sharon Muhn Third-grade teacher, Croninger 35 William Thomas Teacher, Career Education 35 Julio Garcia Spanish teacher, North Side 34.5 Anita Medsker Pre-k teacher, Maplewood 34.5 Michael Stetler Capital projects coordinator, Facilities 34 Karen Pose Music teacher, Waynedale 34 Michael Hockaday Math teacher, Northwood 33.5 Marlo Quick First-grade teacher, Pleasant Center 33.5 Mary DiBella Secretary, South Side 33 Vicki Vaughn School assistant, Elmhurst 33 Patricia Yonke Special education teacher, Northwood 33 Suzan Dewald Math teacher, Elmhurst 32.5 Vivian Johnson Spanish/IB teacher, South Side 32.5 Susan Novell Custodial engineer, Portage 32.5 Cathy Brown Special education teacher, Snider 32 Suzanne Farrar Prime Time assistant, Forest Park 32 Mary James Wray Interventionist, Northcrest 32 Garry Cline Music teacher, Forest Park 31.5 Beverly Glenn Kindergarten teacher, Holland 31.5 Brenda Knepper Math teacher, Wayne 31.5 Marilyn K. Green Fourth-grade teacher, Shambaugh 31 Kim Herstad Custodial foreman, Elmhurst 31 Kathe Klopfenstein Pre-k teacher, Fairfield 31 Mamie Lee Brown Guidance counselor, Elmhurst 31 Mary Tagtmeyer Office equipment clerk, Technology 31 Charles Knight Groundskeeper, M&O 30.5 Janet Ross Secretary, Indian Village 30 Karen Dollarhite Media clerk, Fairfield 29.75 Brenda Smith Instructional assistant, Abbett 29.5 Deborah D. Tuttle Second-grade teacher, Nebraska 29.5 Sandra Lindlag School assistant, Portage 29 Stephen Novell Mechanical maintenance supervisor 29 Debra Casey Principal, Washington Center 28.5 Walter Cook Social studies teacher, Northrop 28.5 Rita Robbins Media teacher, Towles 28.5 Eugenia Clore Science teacher, Lane 28 V. Jean Shuler Nutrition facilitator, Washington Center 28 Barbara Stedge Math teacher, Shawnee 28 Linda K. Wiegman School psychologist, Special Education 27.5 Edith McMahan Resource teacher, Towles 27 Patsy Rice Second-grade teacher, Brentwood 27
Clarence Underwood Custodian, Northrop 27 Sandra Wilson Secretary, Kekionga 27 Lillian Brown Clerk, Media Services 26.5 Diana Kabisch Secretary, M&O 26.5 Rebecca Lowe Language arts teacher, Shawnee 26.5 Wayne Miller User support supervisor, Technology 26.5 Martha Segyde Bus driver 26 Jane Sickafoose Cafeteria assistant, Shawnee 26 Judith Tipton Second-grade teacher, Shambaugh 25 Jeanette Walsh Performing arts teacher, Northrop 25 Wendy York Media clerk, Holland 25 Glenda Dorenseif Payroll operational clerk, Transportation 24.75 Colleen Beaty Bus driver 24.5 Patricia Davidson Secretary, Holland 24.5 Cynthia Painter Title 1 resource teacher, Bloomingdale 24.5 Ruth Copeland Secretary, Jefferson 24.25 Patty Steffen Secretary, Saint Joseph Central 24.25 Joleen Biberstein Second-grade teacher, Holland 24 Dennis R. Hankey Fifth-grade teacher, Harrison Hill 24 Anne Healy Adult learning instructor, Continuing Ed. 24 Maxine Smith Special education assistant, Adams 23.75 Carol Motycka Nutrition facilitator, Lincoln 23 Charlene Norvell School assistant, Washington 23 Jean Panning First-grade teacher, Arlington 23 Susan Tucker Cafeteria assistant, Elmhurst 23 Windell Brooks Custodian, Wayne 22.75 Stephanie Fleming Special education, Miami 22 Micaela Fulk Fourth-grade teacher, Northcrest 22 Sandra White Fourth-grade teacher, Harris 22 Sharon Ulrich Cafeteria manager, South Side 22 Cecilia Dennison Fifth-grade teacher, Forest Park 21.5 Sharon White High School Area secretary 21 Margaret Roberts Specialist, Special Ed. Psych. Services 20.5 Linda Cochran Cafeteria assistant, Snider 20 Carol Ewing Secretary, M&O 20 Jennifer Hakes Bus driver 20 Sally Lohman School assistant, Pleasant Center 20 Barbara Robertson School assistant, Fairfield 20 Alvin Wells Custodial engineer, Shambaugh 19 Cynthia Mendenhall Counselor, Wayne 19 Barbara Duch Second-grad teacher, South Wayne 18.5 Daralee Gregory Media clerk, Harris 18 Arlene Metel School assistant, Memorial Park 18 Jody Zurbrugg Secretary, Croninger 18 Marjorie C. Goyings Middle school coach, Curriculum 17.5 Susan Pape Language arts teacher, Portage 17.5 Carolyn Densley-Reeves Special ed. teacher, South Side 17 Ondina Patterson Conflict mediator, Snider 17 Patricia Weimer Special ed. assistant, Jefferson 17 Diane Hall Kindergarten teacher, Maplewood 16.5 Carrol Wren Second-grade teacher, Price 16 Dorothy Bargy Music teacher, Abbett & Bloomingdale 15 Mary Gorndt First-grade teacher, Franke Park 14.5 Joanne Schafer Coordinator, Curriculum 13 Robert Schlensker Bus driver 12 Patricia Vargas Cafeteria assistant, South Side 12 Robert Wafford School assistant, Fairfield 12 Eunice Lapsley School assistant, Shawnee 10.5 Isaac Fincher Bus assistant, Transportation 10 Holly Helmke Media clerk, Pleasant Center 10 Bertha Ladd Cafeteria assistant, Nutrition Services 10 Lillie Warren Cafeteria assistant, South Side 10 Melinda Eckert Fourth-grade teacher, Wash. Center 7.5 Gary Balbo Special education teacher, Kekionga 6

With nearly 30,000 students, Fort Wayne Community Schools is one of the largest school districts in Indiana. FWCS proudly allows families to choose any of its 50 schools through its successful school-choice program creating diversity in each school, including some with more than 75 languages spoken. FWCS offers seven magnet schools focusing on areas such as science and math, communication, fine arts or Montessori at the elementary and middle school level. In high school, students can choose from the prestigious International Baccalaureate program, Project Lead the Way or New Tech Academy as well as other rigorous academic and specialty training programs.