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Fort Wayne Community Schools will say good-bye to 123 retirees with more than 3,200 combined years of service at the annual retirement dinner Thursday, May 12. The district wishes the best to the teachers, bus drivers, classroom assistants, custodians, administrators and others who dedicated many years to making the lives of children better. The years of service for this year's group of retirees range from 8.5 to 46, and each year made a difference to students. The following are the retirees FWCS honors this year: Name Position Years of Service Charles Kellogg Grounds & custodians supervisor, M&O 46 Mary Mavis Special education teacher, Harris 43 Pamela Kroehl-Boyer District instructional coach, Sp. Ed. 41 Victoria Wilkerson Athletic secretary, North Side 41 Gary Eager Social studies teacher, Lakeside 40 John McLaughlin Physical education teacher, Portage 40 Frank Swinford Assistant principal, Towles 40 James Edwards Business teacher, Snider 39.5 Antoinette Murray First-grade teacher, Scott Academy 39 Charles Green Coordinator, Pyramid for Success 39 Jane Martzall Special education teacher, Holland 39 Kathleen Swank Language arts teacher, Blackhawk 39 Pamela Whitacre Physical Education teacher, Blackhawk 39 Catherine Middleton Hearing impairment teacher, Sp. Ed. 38.5 Clare Shoaff Second-grade teacher, Glenwood Park 38.5 James Pepple Physical education teacher, Price 38.5 Velvet Brooks Media clerk, Anthis 38 Joan Carteaux Art teacher, Glenwood Park 37.5 Carol Kettler Manager, Title I 37 Elizabeth Oberley Family-consumer science teacher, Snider 37 Jay Merica Math teacher, Lakeside 37 Mark Daniels Industrial arts teacher, Blackhawk 37 Neal Putt Science teacher, North Side 37 Richard Brown Assistant manager, M&O 37 James Milledge Custodial engineer, Memorial Park 36.5 Sondra Brooks Assistant Principal, Lincoln 36 Willie Jordan Art teacher, Portage 36 Barbara Knipp Family-consumer science teacher, Blackhawk 35 Bobbie Iwobi Assistant Principal, Harrison Hill 35 Dorothy Olry Cafeteria assistant, Northrop 35 Joyce Stoops Secretary, Kekionga 34 Kathleen Johnson Kindergarten teacher, Lincoln 34 Rebecca Ormsby Student interventionist, Waynedale 34 Nancy Sprague Second-grade teacher, Harrison Hill 34 Sandra Yant Secretary, Special Education 34 David Risser Custodial engineer, Abbett 33.5 Sharon Kincaid Bus driver, Transportation 33 David Streeter Music teacher, Blackhawk 33 Dennis Jackson Teacher, Ward Education Center 32.5 Linda Roman Assistant principal, Snider 32.5 Evelyn Brown Special education assistant, Blackhawk 32.25 Ernest Bojrab Physical Education, Northrop 32 Larry Elliott Custodial engineer, Kekionga 32 Linda Thorne Second-grade teacher, St. Joe Central 32 Loraine Bickford LA/soc. studies teacher, Jefferson 31.5 Thomas Quandt PE teacher, Memorial Park 31.5 Signa Askins Cafeteria assistant, Snider 31.5 Russell Palmer Custodial engineer, Anthis 31 Richard Tichler General maintenance, M&O 30.5 Mary Anne Logan English/social studies teacher, Northrop 30 Jill Long Secretary, Student Services 30 Miles Beloch Bus technician, Transportation 29 Pauline Grotemat School assistant, St. Joseph Central 28.5

Anne Schwersky Bus driver, Transportation 28 Barbara Roe Cook, Portage 28 Francis Mustapha Science teacher, Snider 28 Gerald Arthur Principal, Lindley 28 Thomas Smith Administrator, Lane 28 Willie Manning Custodian, South Side 27.5 Joy Gorringe Custodian, Indian Village 27 Terry Vaughn Music teacher, Miami 27 Thomas Hawkins Groundskeeper, M&O 26.5 Joyce Thiele Baker, Portage 26.25 Kathleen Brita Student interventionist, Northcrest 26 Mary Ann Aldin Spanish teacher, Snider 26 Larry Watson Senior computer operator, Technology 25.5 Christina Barkley Network technician, Technology 25 Linda Collins Kindergarten, Forest Park 25 Elizabeth Deans Guidance secretary, Snider 25 Michael Schwarte Equipment Maintenance, M&O 25 Hazel Howard Clerk, Washington 24.25 Patricia Jackson Custodian, Helen P. Brown Natatorium 24 Paul Dahm Social studies teacher, Shawnee 24 Barbara Fry School assistant, Towles 24 Barbara Gabet Science teacher, Snider 23.5 Clayton Owen Social studies teacher, North Side 23.5 Herbert Carr, Jr. Assistant principal, Miami 23.5 Glenn Smith Custodial foreman, Wayne 23.5 Herbert Williams Custodian, Wayne 22 Vicky French Instructional assistant, Waynedale 22 Karen Johnson Special education assistant, Brentwood 21.5 Rhonda Irven Secretary, Washington Center 21.5 Anne Diedrichs Special Education Assistant, Blackhawk 21 Ceola Williams Alternative learning asst., Shambaugh 21 Jessie House Custodian, Bunche 21 Rhonda Thomas Instructional assistant, Lincoln 20.5 Jane Schopfer Fourth-grade teacher, Maplewood 20.5 Woodrow Nine Custodian, North Side 20 Ann Filler Second-grade teacher, Weisser Park 19.5 Cathy Hilker Culinary arts assistant manager, Anthis 19.25 Anna Greene Cafeteria assistant, Lakeside 19 Phyllis Strohl Student interventionist, Indian Village 18.5 Joseph Fider Math teacher, Lakeside 18 Barbara Shown Technology asst., Washington Center 18 Joy Andre Instructional assistant, Irwin 17.5 William Bailey Art teacher, Shawnee 17 Deborah Cary Nurse, Weisser Park 17 Nancy Skiver Office assistant, Elmhurst 17 Patricia Witte Instructional assistant, Croninger 17 Phyllis Jackson Cafeteria manager, Northrop 16.25 Susan Drabecki Special Education Assistant, Shawnee 15.75 Brenda Lyons Kindergarten teacher, Waynedale 15.5 Nancy Kunberger Social studies teacher, Northrop 15.5 Peggy Webb Special education teacher, Indian Village 15.5 Charles Cochran Math teacher, Northrop 15 Cynthia Kaiser School assistant, Ward 15 Carol Herrberg School assistant, Towles 15 Leatrice LaDouceur Attendance secretary, Snider 15 Mary Detlefsen First-grade teacher, Indian Village 15 Roosevelt Starks Bus driver, Transportation 14.5 Mary Tinker Instructional assistant, Towles 14 David Lister Data warehouse, Technology 12 Waneta Allgeier Student services, Northwood 12 Carolyn Powers Elementary director, Area Administration 11 Armittie Eady School assistant, South Wayne 10 Charles Campbell Special ed. bus driver, Transportation 10 Janet Sarratore Pre-k teacher, Whitney Young 10 Janie Williams School assistant, Lincoln 10 William Crowley Econ., LA, soc. studies teacher, Snider 10 Linda Sneeringer Principal, Harrison Hill 10 Phillip Wilson Bus driver, Transportation 10 Nancy Hamlin Title I teacher, Ward 8.5

With nearly 30,000 students, Fort Wayne Community Schools is one of the largest school districts in Indiana. FWCS proudly allows families to choose any of its 50 schools through its successful school-choice program creating diversity in each school, including some with more than 75 languages spoken. FWCS offers seven magnet schools focusing on areas such as science and math, communication, fine arts or Montessori at the elementary and middle school level. In high school, students can choose from the prestigious International Baccalaureate program, Project Lead the Way or New Tech Academy as well as other rigorous academic and specialty training programs.