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Fort Wayne Community Schools will say good-bye to 121 retirees with more than 3,200 combined years of service at the annual retirement dinner Thursday, May 17.

The district wishes the best to the teachers, bus drivers, classroom assistants, custodians, administrators and others who dedicated many years to making the lives of children better. The years of service for this year’s group of retirees range from 7 to 46, and each year made a difference to students.

The following are the retirees FWCS honors this year:

Employee Name, Title, School, Years of Service

Beverly Renbarger, First-grade teacher, Shambaugh, 46 Michael Fulk, Chinese/French teacher, Northrop, 44 Marie Myles, Language arts teacher, Lakeside, 43 Kerry Miller, Spanish teacher, Snider, 42.5 Maynard Logan, P.E. teacher, St. Joseph Central, 42 Monya Weissert, Kindergarten teacher, Arlington, 42 Theresa Oberley, Special education director, 42 Bill Schabacker, Telecommunications supervisor, 42 Timothy Matthias, Principal, Blackhawk, 41 Richard Huls, Music teacher, Jefferson, 40.5 Mary Johnson, Elementary district instructional coach, 40 Patricia Pruitt, Interventionist, Scott, 40 Douglas Laslie, English teacher, Northrop, 40 Nathan Spicer, Principal, Haley, 39 Ann Jones, Special education teacher, Brentwood, 39 John Kline, Federal programs & accountability director, 39 Marsha Mueller, Kindergarten teacher, Franke Park, 39 Nancy Reitenour, Fourth-grade teacher, Weisser Park, 39 Elaine Rager, Secretary, Lindley, 39 John Coleman, Media center specialist, 38 Susan Eikenberry, Fourth-grade teacher, Holland, 38 Muriel Sack, Music teacher, Glenwood Park, 37.5 John Reche, Marketing teacher/DECA coordinator, Wayne, 37 Eric Lindquist, Equipment maintenance, M&O, 36.5 Richard Martzall, Science teacher, Jefferson, 36 Susan Patton, Art teacher, Memorial Park, 36 Shianne Amstutz, Family & consumer science teacher, South Side, 36 Terryl Springer, English teacher, Northrop, 36 Janet Gibson, Interventionist, Waynedale, 35 Kenneth Klerner, South Side Groundskeeper, M&O, 35 Sharon Lundquist, Cafeteria Manager, Waynedale, 35 Carla Springer-Scott, Language arts & science teacher, Kekionga, 34.5 Dan Auer, World history teacher, Wayne, 34 David Amick, Speech/language resource teacher, 34 Marilyn Haupert, Math teacher, Lane, 34 Patricia Benner, Media clerk, Glenwood Park, 34 Joyce Stoops, Secretary, Kekionga, 34 Sandra Yant, Secretary, Special education, 33.5 Bonnie Butz, First-grade teacher, Waynedale, 33 Christine Giant, P.E. teacher, Snider, 33 Mary Eddy, Special education teacher, Northrop, 33 Karen Wenger, Secretary, Harrison Hill, 33 Jeanette Pease, Instructional assistant, Haley, 33 Jamie Liechty, Building coach, Haley, 32 Sharon Huber, Special education bus driver, 32 Carolyn Urbine, Special education teacher, Harris, 30.5 James Vorich, Supply clerk, Nutrition Services, 30.5 Barbara Waszak, Second-grade teacher, Franke Park, 30 James Patty, Special education bus driver, 29.5 Kay Haines, Special Education Assistant, Lakeside, 29 Patricia Houser, Secretary, Blackhawk, 29 Sharon Ledo, Spanish teacher, North Side, 28.5 Karen Matthias, Bus driver, 28 Monette King, Family & consumer science teacher, Snider, 27.5

Cecilia Ritchhart, Secretary, Wayne, 27.25
Cathy Johns, Interventionist, Forest Park, 26
Thomas Knudson, Science teacher, Northrop, 26
Harold Campbell, Clerk/driver, Warehouse, 26
Gwen Seely, Classroom assistant, South Wayne, 26
Pamela Burgette, Instructional assistant, St. Joseph Central, 25
Linda Degler, Instructional assistant, Weisser Park, 25
Noreen Walker, Senior technician, Technology, 24.5
Rebecca Rutkowski, Secretary, Purchasing, 24.25
Candela Confer, Prime-time assistant, Holland, 24
Betty Barbour, Instructional assistant, Abbett, 24
Mary Ann Mackela, Instructional assistant, Croninger, 24
Michael Schwarte, Equipment Maintenance, M&O, 24
Marylee Voland, Instructional assistant, Lindley, 24
Colleen Wetzel, Clerk/cashier, Accounting, 23
Ann McComb, First-grade teacher, Washington Center, 22.5
Julie Cadwell, Instructional assistant, Holland, 22.5
Dan Wire, Career/industrial arts teacher, North Side, 22.5
Deborah Frisinger, First-grade teacher, Holland, 22
Michael Hendricks, Automotive instructor, Anthis, 22
Kathy Bergdall, Third-grade teacher, Washington Center, 22
Patti Kring, Interventionist, Franke Park, 22
Marsha McCray, Special education assistant, Nebraska, 22
Jerry Farrington, Music teacher, Blackhawk, 21.5
Dan Bickel, Elementary Area Administrator, 21
Kim Fazio, Math teacher, Northwood, 21
Herlinda Guevara, Cafeteria assistant, Lakeside, 21
Anita White, Special education assistant, Weisser Park, 21
Cheryl Rinehart, Media services coordinator, 20.5
Rose Harmon, Instructional assistant, Lakeside, 20
Joan Snaufer, Instructional assistant, Weisser Park, 20
Patricia Teegardin, Pre-K teacher, Nebraska, 19.5
Pamela Teegardin, Teacher, Ward, 19.5
Pamela Brown, Secretary, Maplewood, 19.25
Richard Cook, Special education bus driver, 19
Ellen Varner, Instructional assistant, Holland, 18.75
Marsha Smith, Social studies teacher, Lane, 18.5
Edward Bennett, ROTC coordinator, 18
Ken Ostermeyer, Counselor, Blackhawk ,18
Linda Steele, School nurse, Lindley, Portage & Indian Village, 18
Marilyn Howie, ELL teacher, Forest Park, 17
Carol Israel, Kindergarten/first-grade teacher, Lindley, 17
Carol McMaster, Montessori assistant, Bunche, 17
Betty Scott, Instructional assistant, Shambaugh, 17
Sheila Vona, Instructional assistant, Weisser Park, 16.5
Jill Lazoff, Second-grade teacher, Brentwood, 16
Sandra Shearer, Guidance coordinator, South Side, 16
Mary Bowers, Special education assistant, Lane, 16
Joan Graf, Secretary, St. Joseph Central, 16
Thelma Jemison, Special education bus assistant, 16
Mona Hicks, Interventionist, Croninger, 15.5
Fred Jackson, Bus assistant, 15.5
Kathryn Ferguson, Secretary, Media Services, 15
Mary Wafford, Classroom assistant, Study, 15
Edna Lobsiger, Computer operator, Technology, 14
Betty Patterson, Prime-time assistant, Lindley, 14
Allyn Stoller, Social studies teacher, Miami, 13
Usha Brahmaver, Instructional assistant, Forest Park, 12
Nancy Laslie, Instructional assistant, Memorial Park, 12
Mary Tinker, Instructional assistant, Towles, 12
Angeline Barron, Special education assistant, Study, 11
Lowell Griffin, Teacher, Ward, 10.5
Harry Arbaugh, Math teacher, Northrop, 10
Dora Nowlin, Secretary, Lane, 10
Hannah Headley, Special education assistant, Holland, 10
Kathy Douglas, Elementary district instructional coach, 7
Connie Fullerton, District instructional coach, 7

With nearly 30,000 students, Fort Wayne Community Schools is one of the largest school districts in Indiana. FWCS proudly allows families to choose any of its 50 schools through its successful school-choice program creating diversity in each school, including some with more than 75 languages spoken. FWCS offers seven magnet schools focusing on areas such as science and math, communication, fine arts or Montessori at the elementary and middle school level. In high school, students can choose from the prestigious International Baccalaureate program, Project Lead the Way or New Tech Academy as well as other rigorous academic and specialty training programs.