Fort Wayne Community Schools - All Employee Meeting - August 11th


We are so excited to welcome our staff to a Back-to-School Celebration on Wednesday, Aug. 11, at the Memorial Coliseum at 8 a.m. 

Representatives from our employee bargaining groups, members of our Board of School Trustees and community members will join us for this special occasion as we reflect on past successes and celebrate the opportunity to begin a new school year. 



General Information

Masks are recommended for unvaccinated staff members 

  • For some, attending this large celebration may be of concern. There will be a virtual option available at your building (you will be required to come to your building). Please discuss with your Unit Head.  

Who: In addition to welcoming our administrators, we look forward to seeing our teachers and classified staff. 

  • Teachers:  Transportation will be provided from your home building. Please arrive in time to board the bus. For payroll purposes, please sign the sign-in sheet to be counted present. 
  • Hourly Staff (Excluding Bus Drivers):  Transportation will be provided from your home building. Please clock in as you normally would at your building prior to boarding the FWCS bus. If you are not scheduled to work on Aug. 11 and you would like to attend, please contact your unit head to inform them. Please clock in at your building as you normally would prior to boarding the FWCS bus. 
  • Bus Drivers: Please follow the clock in instructions provided to you. 
  • Be sure to either sign-in or clock-in to be counted as present for payroll purposes.

General Details

School Spirit: This is a good opportunity to show building pride! We will have assigned seating sections by feeder family at the Coliseum. Bring a sign with your school name, wear matching t-shirts or colors, be enthusiastic!  This is your day to be proud!

  • Please contact your unit head to find out if your building is wearing a specific color or t-shirt.

Transportation/Parking: You will be shuttled to and from the Coliseum by our yellow buses from your home school/unit. Please arrive at your building by 6:45 a.m. for pick-up. 

    • If you choose to drive to the Coliseum you will need to pay the parking fee. 
    • Chartered vehicles will not be allowed to transport staff to the Coliseum. 
  • Masks are required to be worn on the bus at all times by staff (even if vaccinated), under federal mandate. 
    • Please bring your own mask. 
    • For contact tracing purposes, you will be seated according to a seating chart.
    • Buses will park and then unload so that everyone will remember where to locate the bus to return.  
    • After the event is over, a prompt exit of the Coliseum will ensure everyone leaves the parking lot safely and efficiently.  
We are so excited to kick off this school year in-person with you! If you have specific questions, please see your unit head.



When: Wednesday, August 11, 8-10 a.m.

Where: Allen County War Memorial Coliseum

4000 Parnell Ave, Fort Wayne, IN 46805

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