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Memorial Park Band

The Memorial Park Band Program is comprised of Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced bands, as well as our jazz combos and big bands. Our band programs enjoy a long tradition of excellence in both concert and jazz band performance settings, having received numerous honors in both. Students begin our band program in the 6th grade as part of the beginning band. As they continue with band throughout their middle school career students have the opportunity to expand their musical horizons with jazz studies and opportunities to learn more than one instrument.

Beginning Band. Beginning Band is the beginning instrumental ensemble at Memorial Park Middle School. The focus is on beginning tone production, tempo maintenance, rhythmic accuracy, intonation, learning fingerings, and basic musicianship. The Beginning Band performs three concerts per year. Instrument selection is made in May of the previous year at the conclusion of the recruitment process. Instrument switching will be made strictly at the directors’ discretion.

Intermediate Band. In Intermediate Band, we focus on further developing basic musicianship skills through the performance of literature by reputable composers. The Intermediate Band performs three home concerts per year.

Advanced Band. In Advanced Band, we focus on the complete musical development of each student through preparation of literature for the developing concert band. The Advanced Band performs three home concerts per year, and also performs at ISSMA Organizational Contest.

Jazz Ensembles. Students have the opportunity to join the jazz program in the 6th grade as part of the 6th grade combo. Other performing ensembles include the 7th and 8th grade combos, as well as the Any Day Jazz Band (our entry level big band jazz group), and Big Noise! Jazz Band (our top jazz ensemble). The Memorial Park Jazz Program is known throughout the state of Indiana for its consistency in creating high quality jazz.
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