Fort Wayne Community Schools Mission Statement

We are committed to using current technologies to support the Fort Wayne Community School Corporation’s district-wide goal to educate all students to high standards enabling them to become productive, responsible citizens. Technology breaks down barriers and allows students to learn anytime, anywhere.

District Wide Goal

To increase learning and achievement for all students and reduce the achievement gap among different student groups.

Our Department’s Mission:

Network Support Services Mission:

To provide the technical and operational support, excluding hardware repair, required to maximize the usefulness of computer and network technology in providing a rich learning experience for our students so that the corporate goals of increasing student achievement and decreasing the achievement gap can be met. This support will be directed at classroom, administrative and back-office resources. Done well, our function will be nearly invisible to our customers. The things our customers need and expect to do with computer technology will be available and reliable upon demand.

Networks & Communications Mission:

To utilize existing technological mechanisms to provide an effective and easy to use infrastructure to support the data-driven, decision-making processes of the district. Examine future technologies and plan and prepare the district for the use and implementation of these technologies in an effective and transparent manner. To ensure that the infrastructure is always available to the educators and students of the district.

User Support Mission:

To supply the assistance, support and training to our educators that will enable them to utilize technology-provided software to create a learning experience for all FWCS students in order to realize the corporate goal of increasing student learning and closing the achievement gap.

Technology Core Values & Beliefs, Guiding Principles & Questions:

  • Technology is a suite of tools to enhance and facilitate student achievement.
  • We are committed to support the tools we deliver.
  • We will strive to make technology ubiquitous.
  • Technology when used properly, can transcend variances in achievement thereby promoting equity among student groups.
  • We will provide a healthy learning environment by protecting students from potentially harmful experiences.

Technology Vision:

FWCS will be a school district where technology is used equitably to expand and amplify our students’ educational experience in a supported and reliable manner.

Desired Staff Behaviors and Shared Practices:

  • Committed to Customer Service
  • Staff will celebrate diversity
  • Develop a high-level of professionalism
  • Actively involved in personal and department learning experiences
  • Staff will synergize efforts to accomplish department objectives
  • Staff will solicit and use educator feedback in transitioning through paradigm development

Prioritized Tactics and Action Steps:

  • Be proactive in discovering the changing needs and expectations of our customers
  • Communicate the status of on-going projects and problems
  • Provide timely attention to problems
  • Involve educators in all phases of project life cycle
  • Provide on-going training of educators
  • Provide staff technical development opportunities
  • Require staff to continue on-going inter-personal skills development