New Tech Academy - Digital Design

Digital Design
Digital design is a class that teaches Photoshop, filming and editing. Students are able to create posters, make videos, edit videos and get to present them to the school. Mr. Brown teaches student the process of filming, editing, and exporting their videos. Often time they will spend two-three weeks on a film project. The last project of the year the students get pick anything they want and are able to be creative with it. This class is perfect for anyone who wants to explore the digital design field.

Filming and Production


Student’s learn from talented teachers who have years of experience in the Film & Producing Industry. They will tackle important projects in order to help promote the school and their own creative work.
Photoshop skills


Photoshop is a very important skill in the Film Industry as it allows student’s to edit and create there own photo’s in order to make a professional photo.
Computer interaction