FWCS, Professional Learning

FWCS, Professional Learning


  • Human Capital Management University (HCMU):

FWCS’s comprehensive professional learning sessions for administrators


  • Potential Leaders’ Learning Community:

Preparatory program for teachers applying to the Aspiring Leadership Academy


  • Aspiring Leadership Academy:

Internship for future FWCS principals and assistant principals


  • Potential Coaches’ Learning Community:

Preparatory program for teachers applying to be instructional coaches


  • Instructional Coaches’ Learning Community:

Support for current building instructional coaches


  • Academy for Effective Instruction:

Three-year program of support for teachers new to FWCS


  • Interventionists’ Learning Community:

Professional learning for interventionists currently working in Title 1 schools


  • Coming soon:

Micro-credentials and talent management


Ramona Coleman

Director of Professional Learning


R. Kay Bonelli-Wells

Secondary Professional Learning Coordinator

Kendra Bowser

Secondary Professional Learning Coordinator

Allison Sleesman

Elementary Professional Learning Coordinator

Kamaria Lakes

Elementary Professional Learning Coordinator