Towles Intermediate School Resources

How does Towles’ Academics work?

Our school is a school within a school. Many of our students start their school career at age 3 when they enter Bunche Montessori. They remain at Bunche in the same classroom for three years through Kindergarten and then feed into Towles when they enter 1st grade.

Once at Towles, students spend three years in a classroom in each cluster. The 6-9 Cluster is comprised of 1st through 3rd grade. The 9-12 cluster is comprised of 4th through 6th grade. Once students complete the 6th grade, they move on to the New Tech portion of our school which includes the 7th and 8th grade. 

Our Montessori and New Tech teachers all receive a great deal of additional training beyond what they received in college that enables them to give your students the full Montessori or New Tech experience.