Weisser Park Elementary School Basketball

The Weisser Park Basketball Team competes each year during the months of January and February.  Tryouts for the team will be held in October and will be available for any student in grades 3-5.  This is a co-ed team, but only 10-15 players will be selected.

Third graders will tryout on Monday, November 5.

Fourth graders will tryout on Tuesday, November 6.

Fifth graders will tryout on Wednesday, November 7.

Students must meet the following requirements to make the team.

  1. You may not have any D, F, or U grades on your Q1 or Q2 report card.
  2. You must be able to have your own ride to and from every practice and game.
  3. You must display positive behavior towards all students and adults

Game dates and locations will be available at a later time.