Northrop High School Bruin Time 2018-2019

2018-2019 Bruin Time 



Bruin Time for October 11, 2018


Bruin Time for October 1, 2018


1. Opening video: I’m Truly Sorry  (7:55)

2. Information Sheet

This includes a definition of bullying, suggestions of what to do if you see someone being bullied, and what to do if you are bullied (including cyberbullying). Spend just a couple minutes going over the handout with students and getting their feedback about the suggestions. Tell students that if they feel they are being bullied (or if they witness bullying) here at Northrop, they should tell a guidance counselor, a teacher, or an administrator.

3. Student Stories and Feedback

Give students the handout and tell them that we would like them to share their stories about being bullied or witnessing bullying here at Northrop. They may include their names or remain anonymous. We would also like their ideas about where people are most likely to be bullied (Online? In the hall at school? In the locker room?), and how we can all work together to stop bullying. Completed feedback sheets should be turned in to Nick Sharin. 

Bruin Time for Thursday, September 27


Bruin Time for Thursday, September 20

Flex Days are returning to Bruin Time starting next week; go over the handout below with students to explain Flex Day procedures this year.

Flex Day Student Info 2018-2019

Optional Motivational Video (and good conversation starter) about the Power of One: Lead India - The Tree  (2:38)

Bruin Time for WEDNESDAY September 12 


All classes should watch the bus safety video (the evacuation drill will be at the end of the day 9/12)

Students will also be voting for Homecoming King/Queen. Paper ballots will be in teacher mailboxes by the end of the day on Tuesday.

Some grade levels also have activities for students during BT this week (for example, seniors will be making superhero "nametags" for the senior hallway.) Class sponsors will let BT teachers know about any sort of grade-level Homecoming activity. Students may work on these things during the video if necessary.

Bruin Time for September 6, 2018

Suggestions for Bruin Time:

updated Homecoming flyer to post

  • Go over Homecoming week themes and activities 
  • Collect any additional student suggestions for BT this year (Last week, a few teachers shared long lists of student-generated questions to talk about and/or general ideas for BT. Most were school appropriate :)
  • Explain that increasing school spirit and creating a positive school climate are both reasons that we have a Homecoming Week and a regularly scheduled Bruin Time. School can be a stressful place for many students for a variety of reasons, but a student’s attitude can make the difference between feeling defeated and choosing to pursue a dream. The short video this week is one young man’s story about his troubles in school, and how he didn’t let other people define him or his future.

Video: How to Prove Others Wrong   Jonathan Mooney | Goalcast

Note: You might want to start the video early to get past the few seconds of whatever commercial might pop up . . .

  • Students should determine how to spend the rest of today’s BT from a few teacher-approved options (for example: participate in a discussion about today’s topics, play a game, quietly socialize on their own, work on schoolwork, listen to music on their phones . . .)

Bruin Time for August 30, 2018

1. Share some of these student comments from last week—the most common answers regarding what students have appreciated so far this year:

  • the six-minute passing periods, 
  • the superior air-conditioning in the modular classrooms, and
  • the overall student friendliness to one another

2. Tell students that homecoming is the week of September 17 (home football game against Bishop Luers). More details about the week’s activities will be available soon. Ballots for grade level voting will be placed in teacher mailboxes. Please pass out ballots for students to vote for Homecoming Court as follows: 9th grade will nominate 1 boy and 1 girl, 10th grade will nominate 2 boys and 2 girls, 11th grade will nominate 3 boys and 3 girls, and 12th grade will nominate 4 boys and 4 girls.(AM Anthis students will be able to vote in the main office.) Completed ballots should be returned to Lauren Hawkins or Jamie Brown, student council sponsors.

3. For teachers who are able to show a video: Introduce the following short video by telling students that part of what we’ll be focusing on from time to time this year is brain research as it pertains to teenagers, emotions, and learning.  Video:  Why the teenaged brain has an evolutionary advantage  (4:15)

4. If you watched the video, ask students how brain research could be used to improve classrooms and schools—what sort of changes would they expect to see? (You could mention that the later start time for high schools was based on research showing that teenagers are biologically “hard wired” to stay up late and get up later compared to younger children and adults.)

5. Finally, ask your BT students to think about what topics they would like to cover or what activities they would like to do with you in Bruin Time this year. You will revisit this next week.

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Bruin Time for August 23, 2018