Northwood Middle School Dress Code


  • "Spirit Wear" t-shirts and sweatshirts with Northwood logos are preferred. In addition to Spirit Wear, a solid color polo shirt is acceptable. The polo shirt should not have any designs or markings.
  • During the winter months, long sleeve shirts may be worn under shirts. The sleeves must be a solid color and contain no designs or markings.
  • For hygienic reasons, gym shirts may not be worn in place of dress policy shirts.
  • Shirts may not be tied in the back, cut, or modified in anyway.

Northwood Spirit Wear shirts can be purchased/provided at the following locations:
Northwood PTSA
Northwood Teachers


    • Properly fitting (not tight or "skinny") solid color bottoms.


  • Solid Black/Tan/Khaki are allowed.


  • Pants (etc.) are to be worn above the hip bone. No sagging!
  • Cotton twill, cotton/poly blends, corduroy, or wool, solid black, tan, khaki denim fabric is acceptable. No blue denim or blue jeans.


No skinny pants, yoga pants, leggings, jeggings, or similar stretch materials.

No nylon wind pants, sweat pants, or pajama pants.

Holes, rips and/or tears are not permitted.

Shorts/skirts/jumpers/etc. must be properly fitting and at least "finger-tip" in length (modesty). "Leggings" may not be worn underneath.


  • Any "Spirit Wear" sweatshirt may be worn or layered over dress code policy shirts.
  • Solid color sweatshirts are permitted.
  • Sweatshirts with zippers are not permitted.

Bandanas and scarves are not permitted to be worn or visible.


  • Any shoe deemed safe and appropriate for school is acceptable.
  • Flip flops, house slippers, and/or slides are not appropriate for school.
  • Sandals must have a back.
  • Shoes with shoe strings must be kept tied.


Northwood administrators and staff reserve the right to determine what is compliant and non-compliant in terms of this dress code policy. When students are permitted to dress out of Northwood’s Dress Code Policy, students must dress according to the FWCS dress code guidelines which can be found in the FWCS Student-Parent Handbook.