Northrop High School 9th Grade Bruin Time

9th Grade Bruin Time Map



Thursday, March 15

Scheduling Information 

scheduling materials for next years sophomores


When: Wednesday, March 14 (starting during 5th period at 2:00)

Where: Main Gym

Any student who wishes to participate must pay $1 to his or her 5th period teacher for a "ticket" by Tuesday, March 13.

This is a fundraiser for Interact, our public service club. Our goal is to have more than 701 participants in a game of Knockout basketball--we’ve invited the Mad Ants, our local colleges, and the media to join us. The event will also be live-streamed on

More detailed information:

No Bruin Time for most Thursdays in February and March due to ISTEP practice testing and ISTEP Testing

Thursday, February 8


Thursday, January 31

Topic: Course Offerings and Electives

Main Idea: Students will start preparing for scheduling season by learning about the variety of electives offered here at Northrop, reviewing graduation requirements, and looking at the high school math required for admittance to several Indiana colleges. 

Current Diploma Requirements from IDOE

Indiana college math requirements

2018-2019 Elective Options Promo Sheet

Career Academy at Anthis Highlights

Thursday, January 25

Topic: Flex Day

9th Grade Bruin Time Map



Thursday, November 16

Topic: Northrop Motto Ideas and Digital Abuse and Social Media

Main Idea: Students will provide input regarding a possible new motto for Northrop High School. Students will reflect on digital abuse and setting their own digital boundaries.

  1. Northrop Motto Ideas PTSA Contest - Teachers, give completed forms to Trina.
  2. Digital Abuse Prezi
  3. Discussion Questions and Talking Points Guide

Short video on dating violence (4:39)

Thursday, November 9

Topic: Veterans Day

Main Idea: Students will reflect on the meaning of Veterans Day and write letters to veterans or active duty service members.

1. Video Tribute to Veterans (3:23)

2.Template for Veterans Day Letter

Thursday, November 2

Topic: Bullying

Main Idea: Students will understand what bullying is and the best ways to for both victims and bystanders to handle bullying situations.

  1. Opening Video: (3:31) Bullying Jr.

          This is actually a current Burger King Commercial that has “gone viral.”

           Suggested Discussion Questions:

  • Why would a fast-food company make a commercial that focuses on bullying?
  • What do you think the commercial was trying to demonstrate?


  1. Video II: (4:00)  2015 Anti-bullying Video Updated

          This includes statistics about bullying and a compilation of pictures of bullied kids who turn out to be celebrities who were bullied as children.

            Suggested Discussion Questions:

  • Were you surprised that the celebrities in the video had been bullied? Why or why not?
  • What do you think motivates people to bully others?


  1. Information Sheet: handout
  2. Handout II:  Bullying: Student Stories and Feedback

Past Activities This Quarter

Thursday, October 26

It’s the last Thursday of the month so this week is "Flex Time!"

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Topic: End of the quarter data review

Main Idea: Students will reflect on the end of the nine weeks and discuss/analyze student feedback from earlier in this quarter. 


Northrop Students Said . . .     

Discussion questions after reviewing handout:

  • Thinking only about what is positive, what is the best thing about Northrop?
  • What is one thing that seriously needs improvement?
  • What additional clubs/activities would you like to see at Northrop?
  • What additional classes would you like to see offered here?
  • What suggestions do you have to make BT more beneficial to you?
  • Do you regularly attend athletic events? Plays? Other school activities? Why or why not?


9th Grade Q1 Bruin Time Activities