Northrop High School Bruin 9th Quarter One

9th Grade Quarter One Bruin Time Activities

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Topic: Intro to Bruin Time

Main Idea:Students will gain a better understanding of the purpose of Bruin Time and will get to know their Advisor


Bruin Time Student Handout OR Video: What is Bruin Time?

Get to Know Your Advisor (Handout for Teacher)

Ice Breaker Activities

-Salt n Pepper

-Truths and Lies Ice Breakers

-Starburst Icebreaker

-People Bingo

Blank Template for People Bingo

More Ice Breaker Activities  Note: this is a link to one article with three activities: Blobs and Lines, Concentric Circles and This or That

3-2-1 Reflection

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Topic: Getting to Know You: Making the most of your high school experience

Objective: Students will continue to get to know their Bruin Time teacher and classmates.  Students will learn about having a growth mindset.


Mindset Definition

Mindset Quizmetacognition

Mindshift Motivational Video (5:14)

Fabulous Failures and Growth Mindset Discussion

Getting to Know You Sheet

Clubs and Activities Handout

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Topic: How does High School Work? - Rules and Procedures, Building a Community

Objective: Students will continue to get to know their Bruin Time teacher and classmates. Students will review rules and procedures they learned in class meetings. Students will learn about special events for Homecoming Week (Sept 11 - 15)Bear with


Code of Conduct Highlights*  

What are the Bear Necessities?

Northrop Homecoming Week

Decades Ballot

Thursday September 14, 2017

Topic: Flex Time and Student Feedback


Bruin Flex Time Student Handout

Bruin Time Student Questions

Optional Goal Setting Materials:

SMART Goal Setting Worksheet

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Topic: Bus Safety and Flex Time Reminders

Main Idea: Students will watch the state mandated bus safety video and review bus and parking lot safety issues. Additionally, students will reflect on last week’s initial "Flex Time" and be reminded about the necessity of following the proper Flex Time procedures. 


Bus Safety Video (12 min)

**During today’s Bruin Time, please remind students about the basic BT "Flex Time" procedures: 

1) A student should get a green BT ticket from the teacher whose classroom he/she will visit during BT (ONLY a green ticket--no other type of pass will be honored)

2) The student MUST report to his/her regular BT class and present the ticket to his/her regular BT teacher

3) The regular BT teacher will take attendance first, then initial the ticket--at this point, the ticket will function as a pass to visit the other classroom

4) The student MUST sign-out of of the regular BT classroom before leaving 

5) The student will remain in the visited classroom until the end of BT

Thursday October 12, 2017  

Cancelled due to field trips and end-of-quarter deadlines.