Study Elementary School - Dress Code

Study Dress Code
Study Dress code

All clothes are to be clean and without holes, fringe, frays or decoration.

  • Slacks, jumpers, *shorts, skirts, *skorts and *capri’s may be worn during the appropriate seasons.
    • Colors *ONLY: tan, khaki, navy blue and black. No emblems, designs or decorations are allowed. *NO jeans, sweats or wind pants at any time.
  • Warm weather dress code:
    • Note: All warm weather dress code clothes may be worn until November 1.
    • November 1 - April 1: COLD weather dress code applies.
    • NO shorts, skorts or capri’s may be worn. Leggings or tights that reach the ankles must be worn under skirts or jumpers - no shorts, skorts or capri’s.
    • No bare legs until after April 1.
  • Tights and leggings must be solid colors: tan, khaki, white, navy blue or black.
    • *November 1 - April 1 all leggings and tights must go down to the ankles.
  • Collared Shirts
    • Only collared, solid colored shirts are to be worn.
    • All colors except neon or fluorescent are acceptable.
    • NO emblems on shirts other than purchased Study/FWCS wear
    • No stripes or other color variations are allowed
    • No designs of any type
  • Finished edge sweatshirts and sweaters are allowed OVER collared shirts - solid colored with no emblems without frayed collars or sleeves.
  • NO hooded sweatshirts are to be worn in the building during school hours, unless Study Spirit Wear.
  • Shoes - Toes and heels are to be covered in "solid" shoes - no sandals are to be worn.
    • Shoes with lights or music are not allowed.
  • Socks are to be worn at all times.
  • Jewelry - no bracelets, long necklaces or dangling earrings.
  • Hair arrangements or hair cuts with color or words are not to distract from learning.
  • No stick-on tattoos or writing on the body.
  • Head coverings are not to be worn unless for religious reasons.
  • No skulls, knives, guns, blood or related graphics are allowed on backpacks, jackets or any other items worn or brought to school.

Final decisions on any dress code interpretation questions are determined by the Principal.