Study Connection - Become A New Site

Study Site’s Roles and Responsibilities

  • You provide a safe environment for study time such as a conference room or cafeteria.
  • You secure volunteers who will work one-to-one with a child for one hour once a week during the school year.
  • You assign one volunteer the duties of site director. This is a person who will be Study Connection’s key contact person and will coordinate the weekly study sessions at your site.

Study Connection’s Roles and Responsibilities

  • We screen all volunteers.
  • We match your site with a school who will identify the students for the program.
  • We provide transportation for students to and from your site, if you qualify for this service.
  • We provide an orientation prior to the first meeting with students and additional training throughout the year, as needed.
  • We provide a study cart full of materials such as books, educational activities, pencils, paper and flashcards.
  • We provide students with holiday gifts. We ask for volunteers’ time not their money.
  • We coordinate a year-end celebration for tutors and volunteers.
  • We provide you continuing support and guidance throughout the school year. We are here to serve you and make your Study Connection experience positive and productive.