Networks and Communications

FWCS Technology

The Networks and Communications area is responsible for the core systems of the Technology Department’s operations. Supervised by Randy Wert, the staff of Networks and Communications builds, manages, and maintains the underlying infrastructure for one of the most elaborate and sophisticated computer networking systems in the State of Indiana. Networks and Communications expertly takes advantage of Universal Service Fund (USF) monies from the Federal Government to develop an advanced, robust network, receiving more Federal USF funds than any other district in the State.

FWCS Technology Department

  • Networks and Communications Supervisor

    Randy Wert
  • Supervisor Technical Support

    Kevin Greubel
  • Senior Technical Support Specialist

    Mark Resor
  • Disaster Recovery Specialist

    Gary Parkins
  • Specialist Technical Support

    Sean Harroff
  • Supervisor Structured Wire

    Kenneth Cammack
  • Technician Structured Wire

    Trevor Frohberg
  • Network Technician SR Audio Visual

    Mark Herber

Networks and Communications

Networks and Communications can be divided into six operational areas:

Disaster Recovery:
Disaster recovery is responsible for all server back-ups and back-up management. Back-ups are done on a daily basis and maintained off-site. All major operational systems can be provided from a remote location in order to maintain functions such as payroll and student management in the event of a catastrophic disaster. On a day-to-day basis, Disaster Recovery also provides file restoration services to users when vital files are lost or corrupted.

Internet Services:
Networks and Communications maintains a gigabit Internet connection serving the needs of FWCS classrooms and administrative functions. Internet content is filtered and firewalled according to standards set by the State of Indiana, limiting access to non-educationally relevant material, and prohibiting access to content deemed objectionable. Internet proxy services, anti-virus scanning software, and SPAM filtering services are also continuously operated for the protection of students and staff.

Networks and Communications designs, develops, operates, and maintains the core network support systems for FWCS. Consisting of both wired and wireless Local Area Networking in each of our buildings connected by a state-of-the-art fiber-optic MAN/WAN to a central office, the FWCS network allows nearly instantaneous communications from building to building, and, via Acelink, connections to other local school systems and public institutions.

Enterprise Server Support:
FWCS maintains email and database servers for both internal communications and information processing for multiple systems, both internal and external. Networks and Communications provides all of the host processor support and database administration services.

Networks and Communications provides video conferencing, "video-on-demand" ,and IP video services via the network infrastructure. Classrooms are provided with multimedia management systems designed and operated by Networks and Communications.

Telephone systems at FWCS are both PBX and key systems, accompanied by Voice over IP (VOIP) and IP trunking infrastructure. Networks and Communications plans, implements, and maintains these key communications systems.