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Boys’ & Girls’ Track

Head Coach: Vince Quinones
Assistant Coaches: Amy Nagel, Andre Goodwell, Grady Robinson
*All meets start at 3:30 unless noted otherwise

April 13: Towles vs. Miami
Boys results: 67-29 L 

           1600 m –   Conner Swoverland (2nd)

          100m-  Jaylen Lattimore (2nd) , Alex Hartman – (1st)

          800m- Nick Thompson (2nd)

          400 m – Karl Maydwell (1st)

          200m – Alex Hartman (1st), Karl (3rd)

          1600 m relay- Jason, Cedric, Alex, and Karl (1st)

          Shot- Jalen Lattimore (3rd)

          High Jump – Derek Ruch (3rd)

          400m Relay – Karl, Jaylen, Alex Hartman, and Alex Staples (1st)
Girls results: 52-43 L 

          1600 m   Ivy (1st), Julan (2nd)

          100m- Suriah Clancy (3rd)

          800m-  Ivy (2nd), Julan (3rd)

          200m- Olivia Smith (1st)

          Shot-  Taygen Marlowe (1st), Cassidy (2nd)

          Long Jump – Olivia (1st),  Kaitlin (2nd), Paige (3rd)

          High Jump – Paige Lowery (3rd)

April 18: Towles vs. Kekionga 
Boys results: 64-38 L

          1600 m – Jason Mendez – (1st),  Conner Swoverland (3rd)

          100m- Alex Hartman – (1st)

          800m- Cedric Ross – (1st), Nick Thompson (3rd)

          70 m Hurdles – A’Dorean Rogers (3rd)

          1600 m relay- Jason, Cedric, Alex, and Karl (1st)

          Shot- Jalen Lattimore (1st)

          High Jump – Derek Ruch (3rd)
Girls results: 60-31 W

          1600 m -Julan Leinbaugh (2nd)  and Ivy Harkenrider (3rd)

          100m- Suriah Clancy (1st) , Kaitlin Smith (2nd) and Cassidy Connelley (3rd)

          800m-  Rachel Dostal (2nd), Jade Miller (3rd)

          200m- Olivia Smith (1st), Amareya Jones (2nd), Kylille Walker (3rd)

          1600 m relay- Rachel Dostal, Amareya, Ivy, Julan (1st)

          Shot- Cassidy (1st) and Taygen Marlowe (2nd)

          Long Jump – Olivia (1st) Kaitlin (2nd)

          High Jump – Paige Lowery (1st)

          4 x 100 relay – Olivia, Cassidy, Kaitlin, and Amareya (1st)

April 20: Towles vs. Northwood

April 25: Towles vs. Shawnee
Boys results: 

70m Hurdles:  A’Dorean Rogers (3rd)  *PR

1600 m:  Jason Mendez  (2nd) *PR and 4th fastest time in City so far,  Conner Swoverland (4th)

100m:  Alex Hartman (2nd) *PR,  Jaylen Lattimore (4th) *PR

800m: Cedric Ross (3rd), Jason Mendez (4th)

1600 m relay:  Jason Mendez, Cedric Ross, Alex Hartman, and Karl  Maydwell (2nd)

Shot:  Jalen Lattimore (1st) * PR, Alex Staples (4th) New event for him

Long Jump: Alex Staples (3rd) new event for him

Girls results: 

 70 M Hurdles: Micayla Johnson 3rd place ( new event for her)

 1600 m : Ivy Harkenrider (3rd)  Julan Leinbaugh (4th)

 100m:  Suriah Clancy (4th)  *PR

 200m:  Olivia Smith (1st) *PR

 Shot:  Cassidy (2nd) *PR  Taygen Marlowe (3rd)

 Long Jump : Olivia (1st), Izzy Keegan (2nd) *PR  Kaitlin (3rd)

 High Jump:  Paige Lowery (2nd)

  6/7 Medley Relay:  Isabel Alfaro, Suriha Clancey, Olivia Smith,     Shi’airah Davis  (1st) *PR Top time in City so far

April 27: Towles vs. Shawnee
Boys results: 
Girls results: 

May 2rd: Towles vs. Miami
Boys results: 
Girls results: 

TBA: City Track Meet at Wayne High School
Field Events: 4:45 PM
Running Events: 5:00 PM
Girls’ Results: 
Boys’ Results: 

Boys’ Soccer

Head Coach: Travis Richardson
*All games start at 4:00 PM

March 27: Towles vs. Miami
        Results: L 5-1
March 29: Towles vs. Lakeside
        Results: L 9-1
April 12: Towles vs. Lane
        Results: L 6-2
April 17: Towles vs. Portage
        Results: L 6-3
April 19: Towles vs. Shawnee
        Results:  W 3-1
April 24: Towles vs. Blackhawk
        Results: L 4-2
April 26: Towles vs. Kekionga
        Results: L 3-2
May 1: Towles vs. Northwood
May 3: Towles vs. Jefferson
May 10: Towles vs. Memorial Park

Girls’ Soccer

Head Coach: Michael Mast
*All games start at 4 PM

March 27: Towles vs. Miami
        Results: L 12-0
March 29: Towles vs. Lakeside
        Results: W 4-1
April 12: Towles vs. Lane
        Results: L 5-0
April 17: Towles vs. Portage
        Results: T 2-2
April 19: Towles vs. Shawnee
        Results:  L 3-1
April 24: Towles vs. Blackhawk
        Results: L 6-0
April 26: Towles vs. Kekionga
        Results: L 6-2
May 1: Towles vs. Northwood
May 3: Towles vs. Jefferson
May 10: Towles vs. Memorial Park

Photos from 2016 Season

Photos from 2016 Season

Malique Webb and Simon Twiss slow down their relay hand-off for the camera. If they went full speed, it would be too fast for the camera to capture.

relay hand-off

Chilling on a chilly day of practice!Chilling on a chilly day of practice! 


Boys Soccer


Girls Soccer