Towles Intermediate School Montessori Culture

Montessori Culture

When you walk into a classroom here at Towles, you will notice the classrooms do not look like any other traditional classroom you may have seen.  You will not see rows of desks, but tables of children working together and/or individual children working on the floor at rugs.  Children may be walking around the classroom, moving around as needed, finding their works on a shelf and asking questions as needed.  The room will have a quiet “buzz” to it as students and teachers are working together.  This is what our Montessori teachers and assistants would call a “normalized classroom.”


Our Montessori classrooms all have a Peace Area, Math Area, Cultural Area, Botany and Zoology Area as well as a Language Area.  Students study all areas in the classroom, using a work-plan to guide their work.  Our goal is to guide are students into being independent, motivated, life-long learners.