Virtual Academy - Kindergarten/Elementary

We educate all students to high standards and believe the path to successfully graduating from high school begins the day students enter our school. Our caring, committed staff welcomes students and challenges them to reach their potential. Parents are encouraged to be involved partners in their child’s success.

We focus on Health Education, Reading, Written/Oral Language Skills, Mathematics, Social/Behavioral Development, Work/Study Skills, Physical Education, Science, Social Studies, Music, and Art.

  • Kindergarten/1st Grade: Mrs. Dawkins
  • 2nd Grade: Mrs. Delong

  • 3rd Grade: Mr. Brenneman

  • 4th Grade: Mrs. Grinstead

  • 5th Grade: Mrs. Gemmer

  • Art: Mrs. Vazquez

  • Music: Mr. Roddy

  • PE: Mr. Boomershine