Fort Wayne Community Schools - Why FWCS

Why choose FWCS?

Academic Rigor: In the summer of 2019, more than 350 teachers participated in curriculum writing ensuring that all students are provided a high quality education that is equitable across our entire district. At FWCS, we believe the well-being of the whole child is critical to lifetime success. That belief has led to the adoption of Deep Learning which is quality learning that sticks with you for a lifetime. Not only do we teach high academic standards, our educators incorporate global competencies known as the 6 C’s into their lessons, providing students with the skills they need to be successful. We believe that Character, Citizenship, Collaboration, Communication, Creativity and critical thinking skills all lead to a student who is prepared to face the future needs of our community.

Co-curricular Activities: Fort Wayne Community School students have a number of options to get involved and engaged outside of the classroom. From athletics and fine arts to academic and interest clubs, your child will find a path that fits their interests. At FWCS, we believe involvement in co-curricular activities enhances your child’s learning and we encourage students to get involved in an area they are passionate about.

Free, Nutritious Meals for breakfast and lunch: We believe that no student should need to worry about their meals while attending our school system. That is why Fort Wayne Community Schools is proud to offer all our students free meals during the school day. In the summer-time, our Nutrition Services staff also go out to serve meals to children all over the city to ensure that our students have access to healthy meals even when school is not in session.

Comprehensive Education services for students at all ability levels: At Fort Wayne Community Schools we are intentional about the support provided to students. From individualized IEP’s to support student learning to high quality curriculum written by our teachers that provides individualized student lessons allowing all students to learn at their pace and incorporating their interests and passions.

English Language Learners: With more than 70 languages spoken by students and staff throughout our district, supporting all students in their support of high quality education is at the top of our priorities. Our ELL program provides services and support to students and their families to help them gain proficiency and begin the journey to a graduation.